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Our computer service is second to none In Colchester. Even if we use IT jargon we make sure you understand exactly what we do. Slow computers are made faster. Infected computers cleaned. When you hire us, we keep your interest at mind, resolve the issue quickly and make sure you do not pay any more than you have to.

Computers cool them self's by blowing hot air out of the PC through their cooling fans. Which means they slowly suck air ain from around the computer. As computers are rarely moved all the dust that builds up under and right near the computer it slowly makes its way into it. This can stop components from dispersing heat efficiantly, it gets stuck in fans and potentially cause hardware failure & overheating. The warmer the pc gets the slower it becomes. We can clean the inside of the pc and if necessary reapply cooling paste between the heatsinks & the components to aid conductivity and better heat loss.

Overheating  & Slow Computers

Virus, Spyware removal

Similarly to Laptops and most devices  desktop computers can get infected with viruses, spyware, malware, unwanted advertising applications, pop-ups etc... Removing these, once the PC is infected can be difficult. Some are known to disguise them self as genuine applications, messages from the police, or use a similar name to a known antivirus program. Some might disable your antivirus and may even block access to any help from the internet. We know how to disable them, remove them completely, most of the time without restoring your computer to its factory settings.

Sometimes your computer may need to be restored to its "factory settings". The original state it was in when it came from the manufacturer. It can get to that stage if the operating system was damaged by viruses, a hardware failure, an update that has gone horribly wrong, but there can be many other reasons.  Our process is to save all your data first of all, and then wipe the hard drive, and reimage / restore your system to factory setting. A clean reinstall.

System Restore & Reinstall

Data Recovery

If you have deleted something by accident and it is not in the recycle bin. Your computer simply won't turn on? Maybe a failed hard drive or you accidentally wiped your memory card with all the pictures on it? We are likely to be able to recover your data. We have got an 85% success rate.This is an affordable solution  before you need to send it of to a costly recovery company.

Local & Cloud Backup

Backing up your data is vital in today's digital age. Most of your pictures, music and documents are digital and held on your device. There are many ways you can do this. In case your Computer brakes down or fails. If you bought your PC and it comes with warranty, your data is not likely to be covered! We can help you setup a local or cloud backups. You can save your files to an external hard drive or to one on your network in your home. Cloud backup is an internet based storage where can backups to.

Upgrade & Custom Built PC

Computers are wonderful things. In most cases almost all components can be upgraded due to a standardised industry. We can upgrade your Graphics card, Install wireless, upgrade memory, harddrive and optical drive to a blueray. Even change your motherboard and processor all together. Changing all those together would be not far from having a custom built PC. That is also a service we offer. We find out your requirements and tailor build a computer to suit your needs. Just because you do gaming, doesn't necessarily mean that you need the fastest multicore processor. We will find the right, not the most expensive components for you.



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