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We provide a high quality Laptop repair service, with a quick response and same day repairs where ever possible. Appointments are available in evenings and weekends as well. No matter how little or big the problem might be, we are here to resolve all your Laptop Problems.

We can repair or replace your broken laptop screen regardless of what the damage is (Broken, Cracked, too dark,  has got ghost image, etc) Some laptops do not use LED backlighting, in those cases it might only be the inverter or the bulbs that need replacing. LED backlighting LCD conversion is also an option and a service we offer. Laptop repair is carried out in our Colchester based Workshop.

Laptop Screen repairs

Often due to spillage, kids playing, cats and dogs jumping, or just general dusting the Laptop keyboard can get damaged and buttons can brake and come off. We can replace your buttons or the entire laptop keyboard. We will bring it back to its original state for you in no time. If the touchpad becomes unresponsive, please look for a key combination you can press on your laptop as it may have only been disabled. If that fails we can diagnose it for you, and replace it if necessary in our workshop in Colchester.

Laptop Keyboard & Touchpad repair / replacement

Charging Problems / DC port repair

Laptop charging ports (dc connector, power connector point) can get damaged due to prolonged stress on the cable if it is in a position where its pushed on. If you drop the laptop onto the charging wire, step in it or force the wrong cable in.  In our Colchester based workshop we are fully equipped to dismantle your laptop and fix it. We can solder a new DC connector onto the motherboard. We regularly carry out board level repairs. Our technicians will bring your laptop back to life in no time.

If you have spilled something on your Laptop, don't worry all of your pictures and documents should still be safe. Typically the water damages the keyboard, Touchpad & motherboard which stops the laptop from turning on. The Hard Drive on which your data is stored is normally OK. We can check for damage, offer a repair or a replacement of your faulty components. Bring your laptop to our workshop in Colchester and we will happily quote you for a repair.

Water Damage


Laptops, over time build up a small amount of dust on the cooling blades of the heat sink. This acts as a blanket and stops it from dispersing heat sufficiently. Simply blowing compressed air into your laptop will not resolve the problem; it can even cause physical damage to the fan. Between  the heatsink and CPU & other components its attached to there is a grease like substance - Cooling compound - that can harden and no longer transfer the heat as it should do. We will take your laptop apart clean it and apply new heatsink compound. If it is caught in time this will fix the laptops overheating problem. We are fully equipped to carry out the repair same day in our Colchester based workshop.

Browsing the internet nowadays, it is hard to find a website without popups and ads, Some of these contain malicious software. We have become so accustomed to these that sometimes viruses get onto our computer without us realising what had just happened. They often disguise themselves as genuine applications like Adobe update and Flash player. Having a good antivirus is key in preventing these attacks. There are many different variations of these unwanted things. For example:  Malware, Adware, Spyware, browser extensions, etc... We remove these and restore your computer to its pre-infected state.Viruses can render your laptop  unusable by removing drivers for keyboard touchpad and other devices.

Virus removal

Due to viruses, various application damage or many other reasons your Laptop may need to be reset to factory settings. Also knows as restoring factory image, reinstalling, rebuilding the pc etc... People call it many different things. Our process is to save all your data first of all, wipe the hard drive, and reimage / restore your Laptop to factory setting. A clean reinstallation.

System Restore

Data Recovery

If you have deleted something by accident and it is not in the recycle bin. Your computer simply will not  turn on? Maybe a failed hard drive? Have you  accidentally wiped your memory card with all the pictures on it? We can often recover the data of your laptop. We have got an 85% success rate. This is an affordable solution before you need to send the hard drive or your entire laptop  off to an expensive recovery company.


Backing up your data is Important! There are many ways you can do this. It is better to be safe than sorry. Your laptop is an electrical device. Like any other,  it can fail too. If it is under warranty and you have to send it off,  the Laptop is likely to come back to you without any of your data on it. We can help you save your data on the broken laptop. We will also help you  setup a local or cloud based backup, when you get your laptop back. You can backup your files to an external hard drive, pendrive or to a network storage device locally. Cloud backup is an internet based storage where backups can be set to. You can synchronise the folders on your laptop with the cloud based folders to access them on almost any device.


There is a limited amount of components that can be upgraded in a laptop  or notebook.  The most common laptop upgrade is memory upgrade. The least involving, quickest upgrade, that improve the laptops performance. Other upgrades include hard drive upgrade, wireless card, additional hard drive installation, optical drive upgrade. With special adapters the CD drive in the laptop can be turned into extra storage.



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